So today i had a fairly busy morning which just led into the afternoon.  I thought I would do an outfit of the day since i haven’t posted since September (Oops). I thought it would be a good way to get back into things.  This morning i had an Induction at Next. I’ll be working there just for Boxing day, but hey, its a job right?, After I met up with my mum to catch up on a bit of Christmas shopping. My outfit is basically a mix between Primark, Marks and Spencers, Bershka and New Look. Who doesn’t love a bit of mix and match?


To start off my hat is from Primark, I only got it a few weeks ago and i’m pretty sure its still in stock. It is in cork anyway. I don’t remember hot much it was, but i do know it was an absolute bargain for a hat and i’m in love with it, it goes with everything. I’m not much of a hat person, in fact i never wear hats but for some reason i have an attachment to this hat.


I decided to pair the hat with this fab jumper from Marks and Spencers. Its a mustered colour and to be honest I was never crazy about the colour but for some reason i’m really growing to it. It’s such a warm and cosy jumper which is perfect for this time of year. Its not full length, it comes just below your bellybutton, but as long as you wear it with high waste leggings or jeans, its perfect and contains the heat. This is just my opinion, you can of course pair it to your own preference, who’s to stop you?


To carry on from my previous comment I chose Navy leggings to go with this outfit, It’s perfect because it’s of course high wasted and covers everything. These are my absolute favourite at the moment because at the top it has an elastic band which of course sucks everything in. There’s also elastic around the back leg area for comfort and yes it works. These leggings are just so comfortable to wear and at the same time stylish, every girls dream.


A few weeks ago i did a huge clear out of my wardrobe and like every other girl, i had way to many shoes. I found these which I bought in New Look years ago and had only worn once or twice, They are so comfy to walk in, and they just go with everything, Heaven!


Finally, I paired my outfit with this beautiful bag from Primark. I got it a few months ago so i doubt It’s still in stock. I find its the perfect size for me and I never carry much around with me so I only need a small bag.

This outfit was perfect for a long day out and about, especially in the cold.


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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