My Top Five Lipsticks!

No. 5: MAC Saint Germain



I can’t even remember buying this lipstick but i’m pretty sure i was in a bold mood. This lipstick is so out of my comfort zone and it doesn’t go with alot of outfits I have, but it really works with some. Its a very bright colour and i only tend to wear it in the summer because lets face it, its not exactly a winter colour. However i love it because it brightens up an outfit and can add a beautiful effect.

No.4: Collection, Vintage Rose                                                                                                  image


I was in Boots last Saturday and was buying one or two products from collection and it turned out it was but 3 for 2, they offered me this beautiful pink Lip Butter. I had never used lip butter before so this was a completely new area for me but i did love the colour. I’m a huge lipstick person so i wasn’t too sure of it at the start, but I really grew to like it. It last all day long with no need for a top up which is perfect for my lifestyle, The last thing I need is to keep checking on my lipstick. I really like this product, its a gorgeous colour and really brightens up an outfit, again I would recommend it for the summer season though as it is such a bright colour.

No.3: MAC, Pink Plaid (Matte)                                                                                                              image


I got this lipstick off one of my best friends for my 17th Birthday. It is 100% me. I can wear it with any outfit at any time of the year, i LOVE it. It’s not so light that will blend in with my makeup but it doesn’t pop out too much either. It also last all day long which again is perfect. I love a good matte lipstick and this is definitely it!!

No.2: Seventeen, Rule Breaker.                                                                                                             image


I bought this lipstick about a year ago and it’s without a doubt my favourite Autumn/Winter Shade. Its such and autumnal colour and goes perfectly with my outfits this time of year. It gives the shape of your face so much definition. The only negative would be that i do find myself topping it up throughout the day, especially after meal times and it also stains my lips, so after I take off My makeup at night, I’m left with pink lips, which isn’t ideal. But i can’t deny its a gorgeous colour and i just can’t stay away from it.

No.1:Natural Collection, Moisture Shine.



For the number one spot I have this stunning red shade from Naural Collection. Who knew that one of their products would be at the top of my list? Apart from the amazingly cheap price, the colour is to die for. And it lasts all day. I’m a dancer and I have been through my fair share of red lipsticks for different productions but this has to be my No.1. In my opinion it beats all the high street brands.  Who’s not going to love that?


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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2 Responses to My Top Five Lipsticks!

  1. V says:

    I love Rule Breaker on you


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