Get Ready With Me- Going out!!

Last Saturday I went to an 18th. I Filmed what I do when I get ready to out.  All products used are mentioned in the description box. I chose to go for a more dressy/casual look as opposed to dressy. I filmed the main parts of what I do when I get ready to go out such as make-up, nails and what I wear.

I didn’t film what I do with my hair because I washed it the day before because I felt if I washed my hair the same day it would be too new and full of static. I much prefer my hair when it is a day old.


I went for a light eye look and went very bold on my lips. I felt bold eyes and lips would be a bit too much. I know I have mentioned Rimmel Londons 107 lipstick so many times on my blog but I am just so obsessed with it. It was the perfect shade of lipstick for what I wanted to wear.


As I said earlier in the post I wanted to go Dressy/Casual. The pants I chose are from Bershka. They are a mix between pants and leggings. They are amazing. They have a high wasted elastic pants which sucks everything in. The top I chose I bought in Primark. A simple strappy top which is light enough for a party so I don’t get too warm. I chose to wear a comono over because I just felt a bit too bear without it. I bought it in H&M. Finally I chose to brighten up the outfit with a pair of bright pink heels. I bought these in a little corner shop in Cork City(No longer there)

The outfit was perfect for the event and I had a really great night.


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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