What’s In My Bag?

DSC_0536                                                                                         So since it’s become such a thing lately to show whats in their bag I thought I would take part. Its more of a Youtube trend and trust me I’ve already uploaded the video but I thought I would bring it to my Blog. I can’t explain it very well but I just can’t help being nosy. Its like watching Daily Vlogging on Youtube (Sacconyjoys, Alfie Deyes ect) and I know it sounds so boring, watching what they do everyday, but its not. I promise. Its just so fascinating to see how other people live their lives. I recommend it for you, whoever you are, to go and check them out.

DSC_0520                                                                                         Now enough of my babbling, lets get started.  This is what is currently in my bag. The first thing I came across was my Purse. I bought it in RiverIsland in their sale about 2 years ago. I think I only paid about 7 euro for it. I still love this purse and the color.

DSC_0524                                                                                         The next thing I came across was a small bottle of deodorant. Now this is something I always carry with me, between school, work and dance classes, it is something I can’t leave at home. The product I use is Sure.

DSC_0526                                                                                         Some days this dry shampoo(Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo) can be a lifesaver. Sometimes I need to stretch my hair an extra day and this product works wonders. Obviously this day was one of those days. All you girls know what its like.

DSC_0528                                                                                          And of course my keys have made an appearance. I think this was pretty obvious to have a place in my bag. Both my Keyrings are from when I travelled to paris with my school last year. Its a  nice way to remind myself of that trip.

DSC_0529                                                                                         And this is again another item I always keep in my bag. I wear these tights pretty much every time I go to a dance class and I always keep a spare pair just in case I need them. I bought them in Primark and they are 1.50 euro.

DSC_0531                                                                                         Now, Its time for ye all to find out about my obsession with Volvic water. If I ever need a new bottle of water there is only one I will buy. Volvic Water. Now, if the Volvic isn’t in the shop, then I won’t buy water.  I just really like the shape of the bottle. I know, Its weird.


Finally, My dance shoes. They just happened to be in my bag because I had class. These shoes are leather jazz shoes, I bought them in The Modern in Cork City and  they are available on pretty much any dance site. The brand is So Dance. I paid 40 euro for them. They are my babies, I love them.

So that is  what is currently in my bag, pretty much just the basics. I hope ye all enjoyed it.

Nicki    x


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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