Beauty Products I don’t Like!!


In my last post I said there was a few products I got that I really don’t like, So here it is. These are the products that really don’t work for me.

Infallible Mattifying Base, L’OREAL Paris:


The reason I wear primer is to ensure my foundation lasts all day however I really didn’t see much difference from wearing no primer to wearing this primer. At the end of the day my skin appeared oily and my foundation had begun to come off. The was not an ideal situation. I wanted to give this product a chance so I wore it again to see if there would be any difference and again my skin appeared oily. For me this product really didn’t work and I won’t be using it again.

Smashbox Studio Skin:


I loved this product when I first bought it, It lasted all day and was very matte which is what I love in a foundation but after a few weeks it started to change colour and was soon too dark for my skin. I don’t know if it was just the product I got but for the price I payed I was really disappointed with the eventual outcome.

Kiko Make-Up Milano:


I really hate this product. When I spotted the shop I was so excited because of how cheap their products were. I only bought a lipstick so I can’t speak for any other of their products, but this lipstick was such a waste of money. I love the bright pink colour that’s why I bought it but when I applied it, it looked cheap like something you would find in a kids make-up set in Smiths. I am really not a fan.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo:


I love Aussies dry shampoo and I have heard so many people talk about their shampoo and I tried it for a few weeks but I just found that my hair would feel like straw after a wash, I didn’t see any glow or anything, also my hair never lasted that long, It got greasy after a day which meant I found myself washing my hair much more often which isn’t good for your hair at all, I couldn’t wait to change.

Rimmel London Match Perfection:


I can’t talk about how long the product lasts or anything like that because I didn’t even give it a chance. I was looking for a new foundation to try out with my tan (Cocoa Brown) I had heard a lot about this product but when I applied it my face looked like a cheesy puff. I couldn’t get over how orange my face was. I just took it straight off. I couldn’t leave the house looking like that.

So that’s it, all the products that really don’t work for me, I hope this post helped.

Nicki x


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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2 Responses to Beauty Products I don’t Like!!

  1. Shelly says:

    What shade was your Rimmel London Match foundation? Judging from the picture, it’s bound to make you look like a “cheesy puff” if you have a fair complexion! I would recommend buying the correct shade before criticizing the product, as your inability to do so should not reflect on the product’s competency.


    • Nicki says:

      I actually apply tan first up to the top of my neck and then match my foundation to my tan, that is why I went for such a dark shade. The shade itself was orange and not brown, which is what I wanted. This is the reason I was unhappy with the product. It was not incorrect on my part.


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