Applause 2014!!


Its nearly been a year since this production took place, Its so scary how fast time flies. It was my first proper production with The Montfort College of performing Arts. I really didn’t know a lot of people apart from who was in my class and I was only attending one class, I had two numbers in this show. Its now nearly a year later and I’m doing three classes, I’m in 7 numbers, I know everyone and I’m lucky enough to call that crazy bunch my Monfort family.


To stick with the theme of the show Applause, my teacher David chose to do a number called Applause by Lady Gaga. This was by far my favourite number to do, you had to bring so much confidence and sass to the performance. Like David says “Ye have to pretend ye are Lady Gaga or Beyoncé and own the stage, You are the best and everyone is looking at you. Show off!!” Now every time I stand in the wings I think of that quote.


To have the opportunity to preform in the Cork Oprah House is amazing. Its the biggest theatre in cork where all the famous people go to perform. The buzz I get from being onstage is indescribable. I get so nervous side stage but once I’m on I can’t seem to remember why I was so nervous.


The second number David chose for us was (what we call ) Mystere. To be completely honest, no one knows where he found the song and no one knows the real name of it so we call it Mystere. This was a complete contrast to Applause, In Applause we had to love ourselves and be sassy but in Mystere we had to be angry like we were angry at someone.  This number was so different from what everyone else did I think it really stood out in every ones eyes.

Applause 2015 is just around the corner (3 weeks away) Its so scary how time flies and how things change so much in a year. I’m so excited for Applause 2015. The whole show has completely stepped up a notch and is going to be amazing. I’m excited for the buzz, nervousness and excitement back stage. I can’t wait.

Nicki x


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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6 Responses to Applause 2014!!

  1. Claire says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but do you ever use spell check before you publish your blogs? I’ve read a number of your blogs and each one has both numerous spelling and grammar mistakes, it really is quite distracting and honestly detracts from the coherency and quality of your writing.


    • Nicki says:

      Claire, No offence but if you don’t like what I write or the way I write it, please don’t read it. I’m not the best at the subject English. We aren’t all perfect. I write because I enjoy it, not to impress other people.


      • Claire says:

        I never said you had to be amazing at English, nor did I state that you had to be perfect. I am simply advising that perhaps you should use some sort of spell check before you publish. Spelling and grammar mistakes are no excuse when there is spell check there to correct them. Constructive criticism is nothing to get annoyed about, when taken with the right attitude it can only benefit you!


      • Nicki says:

        I’m not annoyed, thank you for your criticism.


  2. Chloe says:

    Nice, you never fail to make me laugh!!

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