Spain 2015!


Its been about two weeks since I returned home from my weeks holiday in sunny Spain and I can’t believe I’m only writing my blog post now. It’s insane how fast time flies. We flew out to Spain at crazy o’clock in the morning (Which I loved by the way) and when we landed it was 40 degrees which its safe to say is a bit different to what we are used to.


We stayed in Mijas which was the perfect location for us. We had a car so we could drive to wherever we wanted to go. Mijas was so close to everything though. Nothing was more than a 15 minute drive. I’m writing this now and I just wanna go back so bad, I loved it so much. We rented out a villa from Villa Plus so everything we had was very private. We had our own pool and everything. There was 10 of us so getting a Villa was way cheaper than going the apartment root.


Of Course as we drove to different places, every night Nicole(My brothers Girlfriend) and I  kept spotting this HUGE shopping centre and we begged everyone to go. It had so many amazing shops like Bershka, Stradivarius, Primark ect. It was called Miramar and I know for a fact I have never  pronounced it right.


To be honest the thing that stood out to me the most about staying in Mijas was how polite the people were. There was a complete mix of nationalities but the Spanish always seemed to be so welcoming to everyone. I love the sun, even though I never get a tan haha, it just feels so calming. Chilling by the pool with music blasting sun beeming down, the splash of the water and a book in hand just feels like heaven.

I love the sun and the heat, I could lie in it all day. I’m still waiting for some here in Cork. Its not looking very likely.

I highly recommend visiting Mijas, it has so much beautiful scenery and welcoming people. I will definitely be returning!

Nicki x


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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