Summer Lovin!


So today I went out for lunch for my cousins birthday(we do it ever year, its kind of a tradition) and tonight I’m going out to diner with my two friends and then off to see Singing in the Rain in Cork Oprah House. We know a few people in it so I can’t wait. I’m leaving in half an hour actually, lets hope I get this post up in time.


Today the weather is so nice, one of the nicest we’ve had in a long time. the sun was out and the heat was definitely present. I went for something light in terms of clothing however I didn’t want to go all out in shorts and a T since I was doing a fair bit today and wanted to do something a bit dressy.


I chose a simple sleeveless top with a frill affect all around the top. I bought the top in Stradivarius. I love the mix of mustard and wine colours in the top. Its definitely something I could wear all year round. I paid 17 euro. I paired the top up with a necklace from accessorize. I found it was simple but affective that blended well with the top. I paid 15 euro for this.


I paired the top with stretchy white high wasted jeans from Topshop. Literally the most comfiest trousers I’ve had in a while. I think I paid 50 euro for them but bloody hell was it worth it. I chose green pointy flats from oasis. I didn’t want to dress the outfit up too much with heels so I kept it fairly casual. They actually took awhile to break in, They gave me really bad blisters for the first few days.


The bag I chose, I only bought last week in Accessorise for 45 euro. I think the colours in the bad are fab and can go with any outfit. Also the watch I’m wearing is from Next. I’m not one for going out to buy fancy expensive watches. its just not my thing. I paid 20 euro.


I paired the outfit with some cute bracelets from Accessorize. They are super cute and go with pretty much everything. I actually can’t remember how much these were. Probably around 9 euro.


Finally I added my floppy hat to the look. I thought it just made the outfit complete, looked super cute on a sunny day and hey, I needed to get the sun out of my eyes (I lost my sunglasses)

So that’s pretty much it for my outfit today. Hope you liked the post. I literally have five minutes to spare. I need to go haha byee.

Nicki x


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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2 Responses to Summer Lovin!

  1. rosyvogue says:

    Beauiful outfit! I really like your shirt ♥

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