“Claudia” Review


Some of you may know this, but Claudia Winklemen has been busy creating a limited edition beauty collection with Marks and Spencer. The new Beauty gift range, simply called Claudia, features every product you need to create the much loved presenters signature look. Dark smokey eyes, nude lips, and uber glossy hair. It includes the beauty essentials from the “Freakishly Good Hair” set and “use more, literally loads” panda eye set to the “Lets go” lipset and “first base” lip balm.


Now I just have to start on this product. My favourite item out of this whole collection. When she says this is the answer to all your hair problems, It really is. Just apply a small circle to your ends and give it a good rinse, you’ll have the most silky hair you’ve ever had. I know I know, I thought when I first heard about this product that it couldn’t possibly be that good, but it really is, I’ll admit I was a bit shocked with the outcome(in a good way of course)


I’m not a big eyeliner girl, I never go too crazy with it, simply because I’m not that great at it. Less is always more in my case but just because I don’t go too crazy doesn’t mean this product wont work. I have to say I really enjoyed it. probably not something I would run to every time I’m doing my make-up but it was still pretty good. I loved the way there was something to blend the eyeliner to give that smokey effect however I would suggest again that less is always more, blending can of course inlarge the surface area of the product and you really don’t need that much.


Ok, I’ll be completely honest I didn’t really enjoy this product. The packaging was super cute however I didn’t really see much of an effect and to me when I don’t see that effect I just see it as a waste of money. I was disappointed because this was what was looking forward to most out of the whole collection.

Overall I think the collection was good, absolutely loved the conditioner, I liked the eyeliner but was disappointed with the rest. I wouldn’t really recommend spending the money on it. I think it was 40 pounds for the collection.

Stay Stylish,


Nicki x



About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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