Autograph Gradual Tanner Review!


My mums friends in work were raving about this gradual tanner and of course when I heard I had to give it a go myself. How handy would it be to have tan applied with a moisturizer, it would save so much time and I am determined to find a really good one, it had to be out there somewhere! Hint hint, ye guys looking to set up a  business there you go because I don’t think there is one…YET!

I really enjoyed the packaging, simple, cute and easy to get the product out. I bought the medium/dark because I am a tan lover and don’t mind the darkness.I’m going to show what the tube claims and then let ye know if I feel it lives up to what it claims. “Gradually builds a luxe-bronze glow. Streak free and quick dry. Aroma defence. The Gradual tan velvet creme is a nourishing, non greasy formula, that glides easily onto the skin to ensure full coverage and a perfectly even streak free colour”

If i’m being totally honest there’s not a lot of what they claim to be true. yes it’s exactly applied like a moisturizer, glides on easily however it was not streak free and most definitely not quick to dry. It was a good few hours until I began to fee dry again, not ideal at all. There’s nothing worse than trying to do the simplest of things around the house and feeling sticky especially when in the morning its not even worth it. They claim there is an aroma defence and it does have an almost perfume smell, to be honest I liked it but then again I like the smell of fake tan. You definitely need to keep applying every night because after one day it gets more patchy and is very hard to get off.

So to round it up I’m not a big lover of this product and wont be repurchasing. Back to my Cocoa Brown I go. Still trying to find something that can beat it.

Stay Stylish,

Nicki x


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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4 Responses to Autograph Gradual Tanner Review!

  1. WithChloe says:

    Brilliant post! Definitely need to try! You should try sienna X gradual tan it’s gorgeous too 🙂 x

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