Story time:Worst make-over experience yet!


This ones going to be a little story time, I surely can’t be the only one to have had a bad experience getting their make-up done, let me know your experience to make me feel a little bit better.

so here we go, I had heard so much positivity about PorcelaWin and was so excited to see what they were like (I’m currently on the hunt for a good makeup artist to do my make-up for my debs and thought this was going to be the one, oh how I was wrong) I arrived about 3 minutes before my appointment which was booked for 5. Unfortunately I wasn’t actually seen until 5:30, now I wasn’t in any rush I had given myself time however this wont be the case on my debs which concerned me. When I was finally seen and the makeup artist only asked about my skin type and what I was going to be wearing, she failed to ask me anything like what kind of eyes I wanted, full coverage, ect. There was a lady behind me who had already been seen to and the artist who was with me was talking to her, now I work in retail and good customer service is the up most importance and I felt like I was just brushed to the side, I couldn’t get a word in to tell her what I wanted (eventually I did) she had finished and when I looked in the mirror for the first time to see, my face was orange, completely a different colour to my kneck so I asked her to blend it out for me, she then applied so much bronzer (I was wearing a v-kneck top so when I got home there was a v shape bronzed).

I had to walk home, it’s a good walk too passing people I knew and lived around, when I finally got home and looked in the mirror I realised it was much much worse than I thought, not blended, orange, no contour it was terrible. I was mortified at the thought I had just walked home like that. Now being honest I did really like the way she did my eyes, beautifully blended, not too much but not too little either, I really liked it. Just a pity about the rest. I ended up keeping my eyes on and re doing everything else myself, as I was taking off the make-up and I grew  more frustrated so I rang to complain and ask for  my money back, 35 euro for an orange face. what made me laugh was that the girl blamed it on my tan, I’m no professional but I think you match the face to your kneck colour. The girl then apologised for being late and rude and asked would I be able to go back down however after what I had just had done I just wanted to do it myself at that stage. I was told that I would be refunded my money and I would be given a makeup voucher however I really don’t think ill be using it.

Hands down the worst experience I’ve had, and was totally dissatisfied with the result, I really wouldn’t recommend going to Porcelain, however thats my personal opinion. Rant over haha.

Stay Stylish,





About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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2 Responses to Story time:Worst make-over experience yet!

  1. Smear says:

    Wow! That sounds dreadful!
    I’ve only ever had my makeup done by someone else once, and it wasn’t too bad. I just tend not to trust people enough to let them do my makeup!

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    • Nicki says:

      I know, That was my third time and my previous experiences had been good. I just want to find someone for my debs, I’ll just continue on my hunt haha, I get what you mean though, we all have our own way of doing things


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