Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Review!


I don’ really know what to make of this product, I do like that its affordable, easy to apply and obviously i like that it dries matte however it does have its downsides.

You must be careful when you are eating oily food or drinking with these. If they get too wet they can begin to break up on the lip. If you reapply and layer another layer on top… it doesn’t leave the best finish.  In fact, it can tend to go a little clumpy and patchy! Removal and re-application is the way to go.
So, unless you are a very careful eater, these are preferred for parties and shopping dates – and if you are opting for a drink or two, make sure to use a straw! They won’t transfer on to your dates lips, either. Just sayin’! 😉
Can we just take a moment to notive how cute the packaging is? I love how simple but effective it is. It definitely caught my eye when i was in boots.
I did personally find it tricky to take off, it definitely isn’t going anywhere when it’s on, unless you do as I just stated. I do really like that it gives a good range of colors to chose from. I do think I like the product more than I hate it and urge you to have a go, I would be re using this, just with the thought of what my plans are.
Stay stylish,
Nicki x

About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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