Urban Decay, All Nighter Foundation


I really needed a new foundation lately and was just bored of my studio fix from mac which has been my hold grail for about two years now. Time for a change. I did plenty of research for the kind of foundation that I wanted and what would suit my skin and I can officially say I have a new fav.

Very mattifying however super light on the skin, and without a doubt full coverage. I’m no stranger to freckles and I really don’t like them. This foundation covers them all up without an effort at all. A small dot goes a long way, trust me. Its in the name, lasts for hours and it still looks like you’ve only just applied it. In my opinion its so much better than macs studio fix and that’s saying something.


I will say, the flash backs not great which is odd because I can’t seem to find anywhere that is says it contains spf. If anyone has any suggestions as how to fix this problem I would really appreciate it. Also this foundation oxadixes hugely so I would definitely recommend going down a shade. I have normal skin and I wouldn’t really recommend this for people with dry skin, its way too matte o the skin.

Overall I’m really happy with this foundation, Urban Decay have done a really good job.

Nicky x


About Nicki

Hi, my names Nicole.Greenslade. I'm from cork. I am in love with dance and fashion.
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6 Responses to Urban Decay, All Nighter Foundation

  1. typicalteenager76 says:

    I’m a drug store junkie but these seems great! The packaging is great! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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  2. Thanks for sharing! The packaging is also gorgeous 🙂

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  3. leilanicheeakwai says:

    Wow the wet/dry difference is huge that’s like 4 shades deeper, thanks for the heads up!

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  4. I really want to try this out, I’ve heard such good things! Great Post 🙂


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