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Recently I’ve jetted off to Albufeira in Portugal. A week with the family was just what I needed. So much history in one city. we had more of  relaxing holiday this time. Renting out a stunning villa laying by the pool and dinner time antics was as much as we got up to. We went with villa plus and I highly recommend. We had our own place with our very own pool, well worth it and saying that it wasn’t expensive at all. Sun, sand and cocktails was all we needed.

Nicki x

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Sun, Sand and cocktails


At the start of the summer I was lucky enough to visit Zante in Greece and what an amazing trip it was. The perfect girls holiday. We packed so much into the week between turtle spotting, the shipwreck beach, swimming in caves and we got some partying in there too. Such  a breathtaking island and wonderful people.






I highly recommend a visit, its a trip to remember.

Nicki x

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Cat Von D, Lock it Foundation


As I’ve said in my previous posts i’ve really been searching for a new foundation. I wanted to try out a few before I settled on one. The first one I tried was cat von d’s, lock it foundation which i had heard great review about.

It really did live up to its name with the full coverage statement, I’ve never tried a foundation as full coverage as this which I loved. However I wasn’t really a fan of the foundation as an overall. It may be full coverage however it was very heavy on the face. It really felt like i had a pile of makeup on my face. Also throughout the day I saw where the foundation was breaking up. The foundation really highlighted my pores and just sank into them which doesn’t happen very often with me. This was really disappointing because I had high hopes for this foundation, Its just not for me.

Its very drying on the face so i highly recommend using a moisturizer and primer before and after the application of the foundation. Dry skin really would o mad with this foundation, Its more suited to oily skin. However 34 euro is a reasonable price for such a high end brand.

Nicki x

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Urban Decay, All Nighter Foundation


I really needed a new foundation lately and was just bored of my studio fix from mac which has been my hold grail for about two years now. Time for a change. I did plenty of research for the kind of foundation that I wanted and what would suit my skin and I can officially say I have a new fav.

Very mattifying however super light on the skin, and without a doubt full coverage. I’m no stranger to freckles and I really don’t like them. This foundation covers them all up without an effort at all. A small dot goes a long way, trust me. Its in the name, lasts for hours and it still looks like you’ve only just applied it. In my opinion its so much better than macs studio fix and that’s saying something.


I will say, the flash backs not great which is odd because I can’t seem to find anywhere that is says it contains spf. If anyone has any suggestions as how to fix this problem I would really appreciate it. Also this foundation oxadixes hugely so I would definitely recommend going down a shade. I have normal skin and I wouldn’t really recommend this for people with dry skin, its way too matte o the skin.

Overall I’m really happy with this foundation, Urban Decay have done a really good job.

Nicky x

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PS…Liquid Lipstick Review


Lately I’ve been really into my nudes (well haven’t all of us), it’s certainly been a lipstick trend for some time now and it’s got us all going crazy to find the perfect nude tone to perfect our pouts. So it makes me very happy when I find a  nude lip shade that won’t break the bank and I it was of course in Primark where I discovered it.

So this one describes itself as a ‘liquid lipstick’ but lets face it, it’s basically a gloss. This one was 2 euro 50 and it’s shade is ’15’. It come’s out as a pale pinkish coral tone.

This one has a really pleasant smell. It smells of perfumed candy (just the description that comes to mind when I get a whiff). It’s tasteless however, so there is no worry of getting an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

It feels creamy on the lips and stays liquid once applied (just like a gloss). The color is rich on first application, so there’s no need to layer it up to get it to look the color it does from the product. I’m really keen on this liquid lipstick shade and I think it gives the lips a great, glossy pout.

I give the P.S. Love nude lipsticks a thumbs up and would certainly recommend them.

Stay Stylish,

Nicki x

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Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil Review


I apologies if you are sick of hearing me (and everyone else in the world) obsess and rave about how great the new Maybelline Color Drama Matte Lip Pencils are.I was quite worried at first worrying if these going to be as pigmented as NARS, or if the formula would be creamy enough or dry like a regular lip liner. Until the moment I tried it for the first time, it’s MAGIC.COM!!!!

The formula of these lip pencils are beyond amazing! They’re so smooth, creamy and pigmented, also super easy to apply with the precise tips due to the nature of being a pencil. They’re not like the regular lip liners that would make your lips feel dry and uncomfortable. Instead, you could wear this all day very comfortably just like most of lipsticks. While being creamy, the color doesn’t move around much at all, therefore very long lasting on the lips. Usually I only touch up after big meals, and other than that I don’t even need to worry about the color coming off throughout the day.

I like how they come packaged (although I’m yet to sharpen one, but a jumbo one should do the trick). The squat pencil form makes them easy to apply, easy to store and easy to chuck multiple in your handbag at once. Totally and completely excited to see what other shades i can get my hands on.

Stay Stylish,

Nicki x

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PS.. Make-Up Brushes Review


There is one if these brushes I do really like and one that to be honest I think is a waste of space. I’ve heard a lot about Primarks beuaty range in general and it was pretty good reviews so for the unbelievable price I gave it a go. I’ll give it to them with their design, I absolutely love it, the rose gold is beautiful and elegant and again so simple but effective. It imedietly caught my eye when I was in the shop.

The Beauty blender wasn’t great if i’m being totally honest. I did like the idea and got excited at the thought of having a beauty blender on a handle however it was much more difficult to use than I thought. It felt very unsecure when applying so I just held the blender instead of the handle, It gave very poor coverage. Soaked everything up like a dog when a childs dropped its food.My foundation I used is from MAC and is very expensive so it just doesn’t make sense to be using that much product when I could use less with a brush.  I would say it did blend fairly okish (i know that’s not a word) but overall the price was the only good thing about this product and i’d much rather pay the money for something that works properly.


The eye shadow brush however I was actually very impressed with, It applied the product very well and even blended it well too. I would recommend using a different blending brush to blend but if you were stuck this would actually do the trick. The other side to this is curved which I would probably use more for the under eye and blending that out, again I was really impressed with the application and blend. For 2 euro 50 it’s not a bad bargain.

Even though I didn’t like their blending brush I wouldn’t say that their brushes in general are bad because as we all know, its very hard to find a good beauty blender. I’m still on the hunt if anyone had any suggestions. I was really impressed with the eyeshadow brushes and actually look forward t seeing what else they come out with. I’ll definitely give it a go.

Stay Stylish,

Nicki x



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