Dove Summer Revived Review


I’ve used this product before, about 2 years ago at this stage. It was the first product I ever used when it comes to tanning. I don’t really remember what I thought about it then, I just know I wanted to branch out and try knew things, after all, don’t we all?

The bottle claims”Body lotion with a self-tanners for a natural bronze glow, with  cell moisturizers. Treats you with a daily dose of summer for a healthy-looking bronze glow. Sun kiss your skin full of moisture every day.”

To be honest I did find very few faults about this product. It’s easy to apply, very fast drying and leaves you feeling moisturized, a very good feeling may I add. The packaging had changed since I first used this product a few years ago but I think this packaging is much nicer however there Isn’t as much product in it and I’m pretty sure it’s more expensive to buy now. But it’s a lot easier to get all the product out and has a very simple design, I do really like the packaging. The moisturizer may be added every night after the shower however I would suggest every second night since it may build up too dark after a few days. It is also super easy to scrub off if you wished. The tan leaves a gorgeous summer glow, exactly as they claim.

I do really like this product, I highly recommend it if your a beginner at tanning. I would most definitely use it again, however Cocoa Brown still has my number one spot.

Stay Stylish,

Nicki x


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Sand In My Hair & Salt In The Air


It’s that time of year again, where the sun’s in our eyes and our toes in the sand, a feeling pretty hard to hate. I’ll admit its not my favorite time of year but it’s a pretty close second. Iv’e put together a little help for you guys jetting off on your holidays or even for you guys lucky enough to have sunny weather where you live.

We all know the stressful feeling of trying to decide what to pack, those just in case moments turning into an overweight suitcase. Here is the essentials for the perfect beach outfit, colorful, simple and basic.

Swimsuit: Miss Guided

Cover Up: River Island

Hat: Accesorize

Sunglasses: Accesorize

Flip Flops: Accesorize

Beach Bag: Accesorize

Hope I’ve given ye a little inspiration and summer vibes.

Stay Stylish,

Nicki x



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My go too Eyeshadows


I have always been hugely into eye shadows, experimenting with different shades. Something different with me every month and recently I’ve been loving the mix of these two shades by mac.The brown shade is called Wedge and then the orangy shade is called Rule. I would usually apply a plain base , same colour as my skin and I would then just add the brown tone to my crease followed by the orangy tone, I would slightly apply the brown tone over the orange just to tone it down a little. I know what your thinking, that’s so out there but it’s really not as wild as it sounds, very subtle and when it’s blended together it’s beautiful. I do keep the two shades to the crease and leave a plain shade to the other half of my eye lid. Less is always more.


I really like the MAC eye shadows, they have very little fall out and ever so pigmented, really easy to work with and blend really well. They are only 10 euro each which I think is great when making up a personal palette. I would definately recommend giving them a go.

Stay stylish,

Nicki x

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Story time:Worst make-over experience yet!


This ones going to be a little story time, I surely can’t be the only one to have had a bad experience getting their make-up done, let me know your experience to make me feel a little bit better.

so here we go, I had heard so much positivity about PorcelaWin and was so excited to see what they were like (I’m currently on the hunt for a good makeup artist to do my make-up for my debs and thought this was going to be the one, oh how I was wrong) I arrived about 3 minutes before my appointment which was booked for 5. Unfortunately I wasn’t actually seen until 5:30, now I wasn’t in any rush I had given myself time however this wont be the case on my debs which concerned me. When I was finally seen and the makeup artist only asked about my skin type and what I was going to be wearing, she failed to ask me anything like what kind of eyes I wanted, full coverage, ect. There was a lady behind me who had already been seen to and the artist who was with me was talking to her, now I work in retail and good customer service is the up most importance and I felt like I was just brushed to the side, I couldn’t get a word in to tell her what I wanted (eventually I did) she had finished and when I looked in the mirror for the first time to see, my face was orange, completely a different colour to my kneck so I asked her to blend it out for me, she then applied so much bronzer (I was wearing a v-kneck top so when I got home there was a v shape bronzed).

I had to walk home, it’s a good walk too passing people I knew and lived around, when I finally got home and looked in the mirror I realised it was much much worse than I thought, not blended, orange, no contour it was terrible. I was mortified at the thought I had just walked home like that. Now being honest I did really like the way she did my eyes, beautifully blended, not too much but not too little either, I really liked it. Just a pity about the rest. I ended up keeping my eyes on and re doing everything else myself, as I was taking off the make-up and I grew  more frustrated so I rang to complain and ask for  my money back, 35 euro for an orange face. what made me laugh was that the girl blamed it on my tan, I’m no professional but I think you match the face to your kneck colour. The girl then apologised for being late and rude and asked would I be able to go back down however after what I had just had done I just wanted to do it myself at that stage. I was told that I would be refunded my money and I would be given a makeup voucher however I really don’t think ill be using it.

Hands down the worst experience I’ve had, and was totally dissatisfied with the result, I really wouldn’t recommend going to Porcelain, however thats my personal opinion. Rant over haha.

Stay Stylish,




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Applause 2016


It’s that time of year again, the end of year show has come around once again and what an amazing year for the college, so much success and downs  but we made it. Another year with my Montfort family has been better than ever and to end it with Applause was great, to showcase all our hard work and achievements but also to showcase our friendship and happiness that the college and performing brings. I never want to leave that crazy bunch, let it last forever.






Stay Stylish,

Nicki x


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Limited Step By Step Brow Kit Review!


I was never really majorly obsessed with eyebrows and I’m still not however I am experimenting with different brands, I needed something simple and easy because I have no idea what I’m doing with them. I came across this set which includes everything you would possibly want for the perfect eyebrows. I’ve never had anything done to my eyebrows (I am getting them done for the first time next week, pray for me haha)


This set includes a small mirror, three different brow shades, wax, comb, a defined angled brush, stencils and 4 easy steps to follow. The packaging is super cute, simple and summery. It’s hypoallergenic and super easy to follow. I really like that it gives an option of colours to suit everyone.

Overall I really enjoyed this product, perfect for beginners and even non beginners, You’ll be a pro in no time.

Stay Stylish.

Nicki x

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Autograph Gradual Tanner Review!


My mums friends in work were raving about this gradual tanner and of course when I heard I had to give it a go myself. How handy would it be to have tan applied with a moisturizer, it would save so much time and I am determined to find a really good one, it had to be out there somewhere! Hint hint, ye guys looking to set up a  business there you go because I don’t think there is one…YET!

I really enjoyed the packaging, simple, cute and easy to get the product out. I bought the medium/dark because I am a tan lover and don’t mind the darkness.I’m going to show what the tube claims and then let ye know if I feel it lives up to what it claims. “Gradually builds a luxe-bronze glow. Streak free and quick dry. Aroma defence. The Gradual tan velvet creme is a nourishing, non greasy formula, that glides easily onto the skin to ensure full coverage and a perfectly even streak free colour”

If i’m being totally honest there’s not a lot of what they claim to be true. yes it’s exactly applied like a moisturizer, glides on easily however it was not streak free and most definitely not quick to dry. It was a good few hours until I began to fee dry again, not ideal at all. There’s nothing worse than trying to do the simplest of things around the house and feeling sticky especially when in the morning its not even worth it. They claim there is an aroma defence and it does have an almost perfume smell, to be honest I liked it but then again I like the smell of fake tan. You definitely need to keep applying every night because after one day it gets more patchy and is very hard to get off.

So to round it up I’m not a big lover of this product and wont be repurchasing. Back to my Cocoa Brown I go. Still trying to find something that can beat it.

Stay Stylish,

Nicki x

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